Who am I?

My Real Name

Lord, carries the usual meaning of Lord. Narcissistic I know. Kipas, is a Malaysian word for fan, the one that generates breeze with moving blades (or blade). From this combination of first name and last name, you should already know, this is no way going to be my real name.

There is no easy answer to my real name currently. However, if you are tech-savvy enough, I am pretty sure you can dig out my real identity. However, in the mean time, please keep it to yourself.

I am trying my best to give myself a mask at this point of time, as I have plenty of commitments and conflict of interest with my real life. Lets help me to mystify my existence while you enjoy (or rather disgusted) my writings. Thanks in advance!

My Vision

As a Malaysian, a rather conservative democratic country, I am trying to practise and promote the freedom of speech in this beloved country. While Malaysia is a multicultural potpourri, there are way too many land mines to tread around carefully. Behind this mask, I am trying my best to speak as freely as possible without worrying any consequences from killing the real life of me.

In my opinion (there is no use to dub ‘humble‘ to a man named “Lord”), only with the freedom of speech in full extent, leaders are able to propel Malaysia forward in the path of becoming a first world country. Wawasan 2020 though looks bleak now, but efforts should never be stopped. Besides, conservationists should be able to listen to the liberationists and vice versa. The fear of Malaysians being pushed towards conservatism in this era of globalisation is always behind my mind.

What I Do

I am a healthcare professional and entrepreneur in real life. I used to be a top Malaysian blogger back in 2007 before I quit for good. My old domain is now up for same as high as USD 1595. So now for the sake of venting my dissatisfaction and compliments, I am back to creating random articles.

I have a huge range of interests. However, I write mostly about politics, reviews and some random grunts.


Thanks to one of my real life friends, I joined Steemit to create content for this decentralised community. Please assist me in being a better writer, and a better warrior in internet freedom.

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