Calling All Malaysian Steemians

Introduction to Steem

Since I am new to cryptocurrency and Steemit, I am not going to shame myself trying to explain the concepts to you. Instead, please read them up, as there are tonnes (though not weigh-able) of information offered by Dr Google. You can start here: What is Steem? 

Malaysians on Steemit

I know there is doubt about the longevity of this digital currency, but my concern is more on the sustainability of the platform Steemit itself. I appreciate Steemit as a decentralised platform for social networking and content creation. Decentralisation is a blessing for me to immortalise my (our) intellectual legacy, without the restriction from the authorities (as far as the platform stays up).

I started my social networking experience long ago during Friendster and Multiply era. Until now I still weep at the death of Mutilply, but Facebook has been offering a great alternative thus far. What Steemit offers that Facebook does not, is the ability to curate (and thus encouraging) quality content. This is the best time for us to break away from the circle of fake news and low quality texts. Unfortunately, the UI experience of Steemit is far from desirable as to date. 

My Hope

I hope Malaysians will be active under the tag #malaysia, and officially taking over to be one of the largest and most active national communities on Steemit. Malaysia boleh, bukan?

I wish that the world, especially Steemit communities will be amazed by the ability of Malaysians to create high quality content – not wasting resources (decentralisation uses tonnes of resources) by churning out short videos without useful information or single plagiarised picture without informative caption.

My personal wish is, whoever is responsible in developing the UI, please make it easier to navigate and create an official mobile application for the platform. A supported mobile platform will make my life of creation much easier on-the-go.

Call of Action

Come Malaysian Steemians, you are welcomed to leave a comment below that leads to your Steemit profile. You are welcomed to follow me and whoever left their comments below (especially Malaysians).

Remember to engage – Follow, reply and upvote (if worthy). 

I know Discord is a useful tool, but I have decided to use Telegram for our circle. 

Join us MY Steem on Telegram.

Currently on the roll are:

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