Flagging | How Not to Get Flagged 101.


Whenever I am free, I like to hang out at  New section of WEKU. My intention is to vote up the new posts which deserve more attention and to flag down those posts that I think “unworthy“.

Since I am a survivor of a flagging war thanks to @teamnepal, I am going to clarify my stance on flagging posts.


Currently, in order to maximise the generation of WEKU Power, this is the most used strategy by quite a number of WEKUzees. There are a LOT of users who are posting one single picture (that is most likely copied from other sources) with no caption together with a random title. They are playing a number game, as the more you can pump out, the more likely you can earn a vote or two despite the meager earnings.

Some of the users bring the number game into the next level by creating multiple accounts, utilising the pioneer rewards (100 WEKU Power) awarded to each new account. This has not take the referral rewards into account, which will generate even more WEKU power. I will flag all these posts as I am angered by the sheer unfairness to content creator like me, who has to sow so much efforts but reap so little rewards. Currently I am struggling to motivate myself to keep creating, but I still not know how sustainable I am under this rigged economy.


Below is a classic plagiarism. The whole post is a direct copy from another source. 



Bear in mind that, even when you stated the image and text source clearly in your post, but you did copy and paste more than 50% from the original content from the source, it would be categorised under copy plagiarism. Unless you can verify you are the original creator of the source, and you are simply repost your works on another platform, you will get a flag and/or a comment from me.


This probably has nothing to do with the above two factors. Some of the posts are written in the languages that I understand, but the content does not make any sense to me. I will not mind if you are not a native user of that language, but please do not churn out a piece of content that nobody understands. It is a waste of resources and will burden the whole blockchain in the long run. 

I wish those flagged creators will spend more time in learning before trying to create something only the creators themselves will love.

Be Original!

This is the best you and I should do. The main objective of WEKU and Steemit is to reward creativity and originality. There are a number of aspiring artists, designers and writers on the platform who deserve our 100% vote. I will utilise my voting power to support all these original creators in their works.

Be Innovative!

Even though you might not be the creator of the original content, you are encouraged to extend and expand from your inspirations. If you find a great picture worth sharing, please add your own caption. If you think your local news in your mother tongue worth noticing, please translate and disclaim it as your translation, and cite the original source. If you love a quote and think others should know, please elaborate with your views and experience. If you think a piece of data and statistics worth analysis, please do so.

That is all from me on this gloomy and rainy day in Kuala Lumpur. Selamat sejahtera and write on.

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