My Diary #4: Late to Work.


I am an early riser, as early as 5am. While everyone else is still snuggling under the blanket, I am out from on the road, blowing hot air onto my windscreen to get rid of the fog.

Why? I stay about 40 minutes away from the capitol Kuala Lumpur. On a clear traffic day, I can reach my work place, a teaching hospital within 30 minutes. However, the trip during working days might take up to two hours. Hence, my only solution of traveling to work with the least stress, is to set out from home as early as 5.30am. Unfortunately I have no say on my way back.


I have been working non-stop for weeks, without a break. My body is totally exhausted, but complaint is not an option at the moment. My colleague is early in her pregnancy, so anything might creep up during this period. Being the linchpin in my section, attending to work is compulsory. Besides, I am on-call this whole week, not attending to the hospital is definitely a no-no. Tentatively, my first resting day would be Saturday next week, another nine days away.

I am not entirely sure why did I wake up late. The most likely reason would be, the alarm clock failed to wake the too exhausted me. When our boy woke us up, adrenaline shot in my blood streams, I was horrified by the daylight like a vampire. Quickly get changed and kissed our boy goodbye, I scrambled down the stairs and drove away, sacrificing my usual dark coffee. I dropped a message to my superior colleague, informing that I might be late.


Yes, I am late to work, at least three minutes late. Along the drive, I am extremely frustrated by the slow drivers on the (right) passing lane. While my gear is stuck in “Sports” mode, I can never get any faster. Flashing lights, beeping honks and blinking indicators bring no effect whatsoever. Malaysian drivers are basically whole bunch of moving road blocks.


Once I arrived in the hospital, the worst news hit – no space in staff parking! Therefore I have to park in the public parking, where it is costly. The ticketing machine is down, only the Touch n’ Go is working. While I am fully aware that my Touch n’ Go does not have enough credit to get me out from the area, I am still thinking on what to do next (I am typing this at my work desktop). 


Please pray for me, and wish me luck. Hopefully I can get out from the car park and reach home safely. I need a good night sleep.

Salam sejahtera and write on.


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