My Diary #5: 100 Followers on WEKU!


This is definitely a big one for me. I have been a WEKUzee for about one month. Today, 15th October 2018, it has come to a surprise to me that I have finally hit my first 100th followers milestone.


To be frank, I am way too busy for any celebration at this moment. However, I am going to reiterate my promise to WEKU and fellow WEKUzees – I am going to continue contributing to this platform, by creation and/or by participation. Being one of the very few Malaysians (#teammalaysia) on here, I am still staying around for my country’s survival 😀


I have experienced the worst moment on WEKU after being involved in flag battle, where my reputation has ended as negative despite my best efforts. Thanks for your support, especially from @teamnepal, I have survived and still now been writing this post for you.


It is 10.21pm in Malaysia now. I am now wrapping this up, as this 100th follower will give me a good smile into my dreams.

Selamat sejahtera and keep writing on.

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