My Diary #6: Pepsi-Cola Classic

I bought this can of Pepsi-Cola Classic Limited Edition, with a design claimed to be from the 1960s, with RM1.50. Dirt cheap I know, but aside from the appearance, it’s just the same horrid taste.

To all Malaysians, please get yours at the 7-Eleven. I paid mine using Razer Pay. Unfortunately, cashless transaction is still new in Malaysia. One of the two cashiers never heard of it and looked at me blankly. I succeeded in making the payment eventually.

Worse still, while 99 SpeedMart boasting that they are in the frontier of cashless transaction, which I was very happy about, fails to receive any of my payments apart from taking cash (I have all of the cashless applications that 99 SpeedMart claimed to receive).

Malaysian economy is progressing slowly, but the facilities maintenance and customer service are progressing even slower, if not regressing.

Salam sejahtera, and wish for a better Malaysia tomorrow.


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